Womperjawed: (wom’-per-jawd) –verb 1) To be bent, twisted, lopsided, backwards or just plain broken. 2) To be humorous, funny, silly, ridiculous or just plain comical. Sometimes spelled Whomperjawed or Wompperjawed and even Whompperjawed. (Definition taken from the Mitch Fairchild Dictionary…not to be confused with the Daniel Webster Dictionary)

Womperjawed is a word that was used by a 70 year old gentleman I used to work with in the oil fields of Texas that means twisted, off center, bent…in other words, not right. It’s a funny word, but the meaning behind it is timeless.

Throughout life we have the opportunity to see many things that are a little twisted, off center, bent and for lack of a better term, just plain funny.

So often, much humor can be found while in the midst of a situation, but because we are so wrapped up in the stress of the moment we overlook it. This column was created to help us take a step back from life in an effort to find the humor in all things womperjawed.

So sit back and relax as you read about all the womperjawed people, places and things that we come in contact with day in and day out. Soon you too will begin to see all of the womperjawed things that take place everywhere.

Oh, and if you feel like it, go ahead use womperjawed for yourself. It’s a word that I’ve used the word many times since first hearing it, and no matter what the situation, it always seems to work perfectly.

Whether in reference to a car which has been in a wreck, “Man, that front right fender is womperjawed,” or my wife’s cooking, “Honey, the potatoes were incredible, but the meatloaf was womperjawed,” it always gets the point across.

A quick note, if you choose to add the word womperjawed to your vocabulary, once the wife figures out what it means, comments like the last one can and will have you eating cereal at supper time for a month…you’ve been warned.



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